Hybrid Holster 2.0

Well, I made a new hybrid holster for my Glock 27. The first one I made a few years ago was getting a little worn-out. I made this one a little differently than the first. I bought a stiff sheet of leather from Michael’s to use as the backer, and I used a home-made vacuum former  to mold the Kydex to the gun. I also bought a grommet press from eBay to add metal grommets to reinforce all the holes in the leather.

First, I made a vacuum former using some scrap wood and a sheet of pegboard. I bought a set of shop vac hose adapters to connect it to my shop vac. Pics:






I cut the leather backer, heated up the Kydex in the toaster oven and used the vacuum former to mold it to the gun.
Here’s a short video of me using the former:

I then trimmed the Kydex and sanded the edges. I used my drill press to drill the holes in the Kydex and a hollow punch set to punch out the holes in the leather backer.





Next, I used the grommet press to add 1/4 inch grommets to attach the Kydex shell to the backer and to reinforce the holes for the adjustable belt clips.



The finished holster:



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New Gun: Taurus 605 Poly

I bought a new gun on Thanksgiving day. Well, I paid for a new gun on Thanksgiving day. I didn’t get my hands on it for almost two weeks after. Let me explain. I went to our local gunshow in West Palm Beach last month intending to buy a Taurus 85. I had money in hand and was about to buy one from a vendor, when I changed my mind at the last minute. I went home and went to Bud’s online gun shop. I found a Taurus 605 polymer for only $285 with free shipping. My local gun shop, Gun Runners is on their preferred FFL transfer  list, so I ordered the gun and selected Gun Runners to have the gun shipped to. About two weeks later, I got the call that the gun had arrived, so I went to Gun Runners, paid them $30 for a transfer fee, and brought the gun home.

The Taurus 605 poly is a 2″ barrel, 5 round  revolver chambered in 357 magnum/38 special. Here are the specs directly from Taurus:

Model: 605PLYSS2
Finish: Matte Stainless Steel
Status: Available
Caliber: .357 MAG
Grips: Ribber
UPC: 7-25327-60969-8
Capacity: 5
Weight: 19.75 oz.
Barrel Length: 2″
Frame: Small
Action: DA/SA
Front Sight: Fixed w/fiber optic (red)
Length: 6.7″
Safety: Taurus Security System,Transfer Bar
Trigger Type: Smooth
Order #: 2-605029PLY
MSRP: $371.21
Rear Sight: Fixed

Here are some pictures of the un-boxing:

IMG_7310 (Large) IMG_7312 (Large) IMG_7313 (Large) IMG_7314 (Large)

It comes in a cardboard box and includes a manual, two “keys” for the integrated lock, and two grips: a short one for concealed carry and a long one for range practice (at least that’s how I intend to use them).

One of the first things I did was “white-out” the lettering engraved on the frame. I used some white nail polish and some non-acetone nail polish remover to clean it up:

IMG_7370 (Large) IMG_7371 (Large)

I also bought a set of snap caps from Ebay for around $12. These protect the inner workings of the gun so you can dry fire the gun safely. They allow you to practice firing the gun to get use to the long, heavy trigger pull and to help “smooth out” the trigger through repeated firing. The ones I bought are made by Tipton. They are all plastic and feature a brass “primer” connected to a stiff spring to absorb the firing pin energy.

IMG_7373 (Large)

Next up: first range trip.



































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GoPro gun mount test

Over the summer I bought a used GoPro 960 (1st gen) from Ebay for $40. After seeing some videos of GoPros mounted to guns, I decided to build my own picatinny rail mount for my Ar15. I ended up using the base of a picatinny sling mount, a few GoPro spare parts, and a nut that I ground all the corners of with my bench grinder. The result is below:


20151118_154511 (Large)

I rounded off the corners of a nut so that it would fit in the opening of the rail mount, so that the GoPro tripod adapter would screw into it. Here is a test video:


Turns out, that no matter how hard I tightened down the knobs, the recoil from the gun kept shaking things loose. So, I probably wont use it again. Instead, I ordered a one-piece rigid metal mount from Ebay for $9 like the one below:




Oh well, lesson learned. But it was fun designing, making and testing it. Hopefully my next range report will be testing out the new mount.




















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Range Trip 2-5-15

I took another trip to the range a couple of days ago with my friend, Vince. I brought the AR-15 and the Ruger 10/22 in the new Archangel Stock. It was really windy and a little rainy as a cold front moved through right when we arrived. I only fired about 40 rounds through the Ruger at 25 yards. I was having a hard time seeing the rounds impact the target, due to the bad weather conditions. So, I switched to the AR-15 and fired 100 rounds of Perfecta .223 ammo I got from Wal-Mart for around $19 per 50 rounds. I used a Pro-Mag 20 round magazine I got for about $4. It and the gun functioned perfectly.

I built the gun with a complete upper from Hardened Arms, a Spike’s Tactical stripped lower and a Palmetto State Armory lower build kit:

20150205_164753 (Large)

I started out at 25 yards and fired multiple groups at the same target:

20150205_164511 (Custom) 20150205_164516 (Custom)

Then, I moved out to 50 yards and fired one large group:

20150205_165807 (Custom) 20150205_165815 (Custom)

Here is a video of me shooting:

This is the range, Okeechobee Shooting Sports in Okeechobee, Florida:

























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Project: “Archangel”

I’ve had a Ruger 10/22 rifle for a few years now. It’s a fun little rifle, light-weight easy to shoot, no recoil. The aftermarket accessory industry is huge for this gun. I’ve been looking at the ProMag Archangel replacement stock for a while. Basically, it’s a kit that gives your plain-looking 10/22 into an AR-15. The kit runs between $90 to $130 online. I ordered mine from Cheaper Than Dirt along with a Ruger factory BX-25 magazine. I shopped around and even with shipping, CDT still had the lowest prices around.

The installation is fairly straight-forward. I watched a few YouTube videos which were very helpful. The hardest parts were drifting out the front and rear sights and sliding on the barrel sleeve. If you don’t have a bench-mounted vise, you’ll need a helper to hold the gun down while you tap out the sights with a punch and hammer.

The optic I chose for this gun is a Chinese copy of the Trijicon SRS red-dot sight. I ordered it from Ali Express for around $70. It even came with the “kill flash” adapter that blocks out glare while you’re shooting.

Here are some “before and after” pics along with some close-ups:

IMG_0154 (Large) IMG_0155 (Large) IMG_0156 (Large)

IMG_6044 (Large) IMG_6050 (Large)

IMG_6046 (Large) IMG_6047 (Large) IMG_6048 (Large) IMG_6049 (Large)

IMG_6041 (Large) IMG_6042 (Large) IMG_6043 (Large)















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AR-15 First Range Trip

I finally got to take my newly-assembled AR-15 to the shooting range to try it out a few days ago. My friend and I went to OK Shooting in Okeechobee, Florida. It’s a very nice outdoor range that features a 200 yard rifle range. I brought along 4 different brands of magazines and 2 different brands of ammo. I took a 20 round Pro-Mag, and 30 round mags made by Tapco, Troy, and PMag. As for the ammo, I took 50 rounds of bulk Federal .223 and 50 rounds of Perfecta 5.56. My optic of choice is a Chinese copy of the Trijicon ACOG 4×32 scope. I got it for $130 shipped from Ali Express. I zeroed the scope at 25 yards. Once it was zeroed, it was pretty much dead-on. Here is a pic of the different mags, a pic of the 25 yard target, and a short video of me firing the gun.

IMG_3306 (Large)

IMG_3304 (Large) IMG_3305 (Large)


I must have put the gun together properly, I didn’t have a single malfunction or problem of any kind. It worked perfectly with all the mags and both types of ammo. After shooting at 25 yards, I moved out to 50 yards. I was all over the place on the target, until I found that the scope mount came loose. Next time, I’ll re-zero and 25, then move out to 50 after making sure the scope mount is good and tight.

Here is another short video of me shooting the Kel-Tec PLR-16 on my trip there in November:

Until next time, Get out there and shoot!





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New Gun: The AR-15

For my latest project, I built an AR-15 type rifle. I ordered a complete upper assembly online from Hardened Arms, a lower parts kit from Palmetto State Armory, and I bought a Spike’s Tactical stripped lower from a local gun shop called Gun Runners.

For the upper, I chose a 16″ barreled model with a full-length quad-rail hand guard. Here are the specs from their website:

  • Hardened Arms M4 Feed Ramp Flat Top Receiver
  • Black anodized mil-spec finished upper receiver
  • Feed ramps for increased feeding reliability on barrel and upper
  • Laser etched T-Marked upper receiver
  • Chrome Moly 5.56 High End Barrel
  • Melonite Coated barrel (Harder and more durable than chrome lining)
  • 1/9 Barrel Twist
  • Chambered in 5.56 NATO (will also fire .223 ammo)
  • 16″ M4 Profile barrel with M4 Extension
  • .750″ diameter at gas block
  • 1/2×28 threaded muzzle/barrel
  • Low profile gas block
  • Barrel dimpled to secure gas block
  • Carbine length gas system
  • A2 flash hider
  • Tactical Quad Rail free float 15″ handguard with end cap
  • Full Auto Profile Melonited BCG (Harder and more durable than chrome lined BCGs)
  • Milspec Charging Handle

The upper was $349 plus shipping. I added a set of Magpul flip-up sights from Ebay. Here are photos of the upper:

IMG_3218 (Large) IMG_3219 (Large) IMG_6030 (Large) IMG_6034 (Large)


For the lower, I bought a Spike’s Tactical stripped lower from Gun Runners here in Jupiter for $99. I used nail polish to fill in the engraving. Here are before and after pics:

IMG_3207 (Large) IMG_3208 (Large) IMG_3211 (Large) IMG_3212 (Large)

I ordered a complete lower parts kit from Palmetto State Armory. It was $99 plus shipping. It features a  BLACKHAWK! brand collapsible 6 position stock and nicely textured beavertail pistol grip. Here are photos of the kit plus the tools I used to put it together:

IMG_3214 (Large) IMG_3215 (Large)

Here are pics of the completed gun:

IMG_6031 (Large) IMG_6032 (Large) IMG_6036 (Large)


Here are a few close-ups:

IMG_6029 (Large) IMG_6033 (Large) IMG_6037 (Large)



Next update: The range trip!






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